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No police interventionportugese-leger-schaart-zich-achter-demonstranten

The Dutch liberal party, VVD wants to remove occupy-demonstrators from the Beursplein (Amsterdam Stock Exchange Square), to end the demonstrations. Chairman of the Amsterdam VVD Councel Department, Robert Flos said, the Mayor of Amsterdam should talk to the demonstrators and tell them to leave the square. “It´s not good, to have a permanent anti-globalization camping in our city”, he said, “if the holiday is over on october 24, I think it is time to end the occupy-Amsterdam action so Beursplein will be available again for other purposes”. Flos wants to end the occupation in close harmony without police intervention. If the tents are still there next week, he will formally speak with te Mayor during a council meeting.

Occupy-Amsterdam is too large

Activists occupy like crazy in Amsterdam. Meanwhile there are more than 100 tents on the Beursplein. It´s too big for Amsterdam. It is for this reason the liberal chairman wants to clean the square..

It is interesting to note, the liberal party represents the upper class of the population. Many of them do not belong to the 99%, the slogan of the occupy-organisation. Most of the Dutch bankers are member of the VVD.

VVD finds it´s enough

Robert Flos

Many celebrities in recent days showed their sympathy for the demonstrators. You may wonder how sincere they were. The occupy organisation always said, they continue as long as necessary and worldwide. Now the VVD has enough of it all, and the demonstrators should end their protests. It shows, Mr. Robert Flos doesn´t understand the real problem. The growth of corporate corruption, fraud and greed of our financial industry has been a process, creeping for years from bad to worse and even until it became normal in the highest levels. And now, after one week of protest he wants the demonstrators to go home? He has no idea how deeply the horror is rooted in the common man about this insane system. He still needs to get used to the idea that it will take a long time before the square belongs to him again.





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