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Confrontation with policeportugese-leger-schaart-zich-achter-demonstranten

The National Association of sergeants (ANS) in Portugal has stated that if massive riots broke out in Portugal, they will choose sides with the protesters. They said that it is possible it will come to a confrontation with security forces.

This was reported by the Portuguese newspaper Economico.

Role of the Army: Protecting Portuguese people

The military expressed their dissatisfaction with the new cost-cutting operations, the Portuguese government has announced. These cuts mainly affect the people who are already in a very difficult position and therefore will come in even greater, insurmountable problems. They find this unacceptable and indicate that the soldiers have the right to demonstrate. They point out that Prime Minister Coelho said: “Portuguese soldiers have no right to strike, but they have the right to demonstrate.” They do not exclude these possible demonstrations can result in a direct confrontation with the police. A spokesman from ANS indicated that the Portuguese army has a duty to protect its people. It can not be expected, the army will serve private financial intstitutions. “Let no one imagine the army can be used to clamp down on riots caused by these measures,” the spokesman said. In case of this new round of spending cuts the government of Prime Minister Passos Coelho violates the constitutional rights of sovereignity of the country. Politicians held hostage by international financial institutions such as rating agencies, hedge funds and speculators. They speculate on a large scale on ‘bankruptcy’ of countries with the intention to make huge profits.

Carnation Revolution

It will be sure, the government of PM Passos Coelho will take this ‘threat’ very serious because the Portuguese military has already proved not to be afraid of a brutal confrontation with the government. On April 25, 1974 she committed a nearly bloodless coup that ended the regime of Marcello Caetano, loyal colleague and successor of dictator António de Oliveira Salazar who suppressed the Portugese People for almost 40 years.

Because all soldiers were wearing a red carnation in the barrels of their guns they called it the “Carnation Revolution”.





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